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and welcome to my website, Journey. Discover.

I’m Bela Antonenko, this sites friendly interweb writer, and I hail for the south-eastern parts of the Sunshine State, Australia. That’s right all you State Of Origin folks, I’m a Queenslander!!! (Although much to the chagrin though of the entire country, I don’t follow “foosball”, though when I did occasionally tune in for the State Or Origin, I always cheered for New South Wales. Treacherous, I know, but they rarely actually won. Eek!)

What you’ve chanced upon is a travel website born out of an unquenchable desire to experience as much of this little blue orb called Earth as I can while I’m here. Sure, maybe I haven’t been to double-digit amount of countries, hell, I’ve hardly discovered much of my own country, but much of why Journey. Discover. exists is to encourage you, me and every Tom, Dick and Harriet to explore this fascinating, complex and unendingly intriguing planet we call home.

Whether you go to places far, far away or you’re out discovering your backyard, whatever you’re heading towards, wherever you’re at in life, there always a journey to discover. And while you’re getting to where you’re going, why not tick a few bucket list items off the way as you go.

So, to get your travel bug buzzing, Journey. Discover. presents to you some spectacular destinations, some breathtaking scenery, and some exciting adventures as well as a few personal stories, a handful of helpful tips, and detailed reviews to plant some ideas in your noggin’ for whatever trip your planning.

So, intrepid wanderlust souls, may you venture slower, live wilder and may it all invigorate your soul. Happy adventuring, travellers!

Adios from Bela at Journey. Discover.

Maintenance Note

I’m currently doing a moderately sized overhaul of Journey. Discover. to iron out some teething problems of my website which is almost a yearly. While I’m giving everything a shuffle, some things may seem pretty odd and out of whack. Fear not, for Journey. Discover will rise again, but I’m crossing my fingers it won’t be as horrendous as I hear the terrible twos are, but I do apologize for any inconvenience and hope you still enjoy the website. 🙂



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