Day 6: Pacific Island Hopper

Day 6, we were back at sea for our voyage back to Brisbane. After 3 jam-packed days exploring the island nations of New Caledonia and Vanuatu, today we were just doing life at a super lazy pace.

But just because today was mostly about doing nothing, didn’t mean I wasn’t going to forget about my Silver Edge Pass.

Taking A Bow

First up was the Bow Ladder Experience. Making our way out past the Crew Pool onto the bow of the ship and past the Titanic Experience, and sitting on the stairs of the steep incline separating that area and the passenger viewing area for a few minutes was a lovely experience, though not a lot different from what you would imagine the Titanic Experience to be. The fact that that experience is in the more expensive Gold Pass category along with some simulator rides, didn’t justify getting that pass and I was content just sitting up there where I was.

Bow Ladder

Honestly, I don’t know why the Titanic Experience was a paid-for item… Do you need to be tethered in a harness to stand at a balustraded part of the ship to scream I’m the King/Queen of the World! It certainly wouldn’t have the sense of freedom, lustre and romanticism that the movie depicted with the premeditated safety precautions and personnel in place.

The whole area of the bow being reserved for the crew seemed like a bizarre choice on what is, for me, the prime real estate of all ships. It just felt like a money grab, charging people for a safe experience that a lot of people would like to do spontaneously and authentically in the heat of the moment, not prefabricated…

Rock Climbing

Next up was the rock climbing. HAHAHA. What a fail. I was hoping to do the abseiling as I know I’m not a strong anything but you had to do rock climbing because apparently, that’s the only way you get to abseil (Then why is it listed separately…). I thought well, when in Rome! It was not pretty. I’ve never vertically rock climbed before and the amount of surface area you have to put the edge of your shoe is so tiny, so there was little success and by little, I mean none. All good though. I knew I didn’t stand a chance but there was this one little boy, around 5, who absolutely nailed the course like a boss. What a legend.


Next up was another round of my favourite, zip lining, then after day turned into night, it was time for slack lining. It involved standing on a foot or so high taught bungee strap and trying to make your way across me. Me, ever the athlete, didn’t make it very far. Balance has never been my forte, so a couple of steps, guided with the help of the instructor and I was off. While I never made it the short distance to the other side, I did slip and fall to my knees then basically onto my face, which was hilarious and I still enjoyed it more than I thought I would have.

The Great Gatsby

For those who love to prowl at night, it was time for the Great Gatsby themed night to begin. I went and saw the live performance show up the front of the ship in the Marquee which was fabulous, sumptuous, decadent and enthralling look at the 1940s decade of excess and with lavish costumes and loose morals, it was a feast for the eyes and music to the ears.

There was also a themed party going down in the Atrium later that night, but parties aren’t my thing, so I went and enjoyed the movie of the same name up in the very quiet open-aired Lido Deck before sitting down in the super moody, ultra classy Promenade Bar listening to a pianist sing beautiful, emotive ballads.

Pacific Island Hopper

Pacific Dawn Sign on a gloomy day.
Ferry docked in city infront of high-rises.
Pacific island reef and bay
Woman standing on ocean liner at sunset.
Top deck of a cruise ship at sunset
View of pacific island headland cliffs with church perched on top.
Person ziplining in front of a cruise ship smoke stack.
Pacific Island Hopper - Day 8/ Pacific Dawn Review

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