Day 7: Pacific Island Hopper

The second to last day and the last full day at sea was, for the most part, just getting ready to disembark tomorrow, but that didn’t mean we weren’t going to squeeze in some last-minute stuff.

Towel Animal Parade

First up was heading back to the Marquee for the showing of the Towel Animal Parade. This is where a few of the hardworking stewards get to show off their exceptional and exceptionally cute towel folding skills! Our steward made a cowboy, complete with horse, ascot, a gun and two flags. My favourite. Then they brought out a towel replica of the ship that they had collectively made which was very impressive!!!

Our steward showing off his Cowboy that he’s made wth our other steward.
The Cowboy
All the towel creations, including the Pacific Dawn

The Edge: Zipline & Bow Ladder Climb

Heading back to the top decks, I did the Zipline, and Bow Ladder Climb again which were my two favourites as well as the Pacific Dawn Sign Experience which was also fun to re-experience.

Bow Ladder Climb
Pacific Dawn Sign Experience


Next up, it was Bingo time. Heading up to the Marquee again, it was Jackpot day and whatever was left had to go… Each getting ourselves a premium package, we got an iPad each which were our automated bingo cards and away we went. Sadly, we didn’t win the $6000, but gambling often produces very few winners, but it was one of the few things on my parents’ must-do things on the ship, so I thought I’d get one too even though I generally don’t gamble.

Tossed Around Like A Ship On The Ocean

Up until this point, I hadn’t gone into the pools. Today, I was going to change that. At this point, you kind of get used to walking as the ship rides the waves so sometimes, you don’t realise how rocky it is. The pool definitely made you realise! Let’s just say that I wasn’t expecting it to be a wave pool! It was fun bouncing around like a ship on the ocean… on a ship on the ocean. Oh, wow, that was shameless. Runs away.

To the slides!!! Whoo. Those two big blue snaking tubes that made its way down next to the smokestack was heaps of fun. One was a regular slide, the other was dark, with coloured sections where the light would peek through and took you on a musical journey. That’s right! The slide had music! I wouldn’t say it was a vastly different experience but if you like your slides like being in a nightclub, minus the deafening dance music, this is the trip down the slippery dip you need to be taking. (I’m not going to lie, I was hoping that I would be coming out of the slide just as someone was walking past so I’d splash them, but it didn’t happen. 🙁 )

Obligatory Sunset Shot Across The Lido Deck

Always Bet On Black

Next up, the Casino. We’d scored some free Casino chips from the Bingo Cards we bought, so Mom and I went down and started expending them on Black Jack but quickly moved on to the Russian Roulette and as Dean Winchester advises, always bets on black. We were up a little bit but then lost it. Ah well, it was an interesting first and last time playing the tables but man, you lose money fast. (I totally blame mom for that. She kept steering me away from black. HAHAHA.)

Turning In Early

Having already gotten put out earlier today, we turned in pretty early. It was sad having to say goodbye to a trip that had given us so many awesome new experience and wonderful new memories together as a family and as tomorrow, we’d be getting in early, I, for one had wanted to get up super early and catch the final sunrise aboard this magnificent ocean liner.

Pacific Island Hopper

Pacific Dawn Sign on a gloomy day.
Ferry docked in city infront of high-rises.
Pacific island reef and bay
Woman standing on ocean liner at sunset.
Top deck of a cruise ship at sunset
View of pacific island headland cliffs with church perched on top.
Person ziplining in front of a cruise ship smoke stack.
Pacific Island Hopper - Day 8/ Pacific Dawn Review

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  1. Wow! This looks like an incredible trip! I can’t wait for when we can all start traveling again!

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