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The Darling Downs

The Darling Downs is a major region of Southern Queensland. Situated next to the South East Queensland region, home to Brisbane, the Darling Downs is an easy 2-hour drive from the state’s capital (to Toowoomba).

Out in these parts, there is a lot of landscape dedicated to the atrocious animal agriculture industry and the much less horrific crop yielding industry. But between all the farms and fields are attractions that are a throwback to history and spectacular natural wonders that’ll rejuvenate your spirit and leave you in awe.


Toowoomba, Crows Nest, Yarraman, Oakey, Millmerran & More

About a 2-hour drive from the Queensland capital of Brisbane lies the runner up for Australia’s inland city, Toowoomba. In addition to being only second to the country’s capital, Canberra, much of the hustle and bustle of Toowoomba lies perched upon a mountaintop. This unique feature for a city also means that some incredible natural attractions lie close to the typical hustle and bustle of urban life, making it a great mix of both worlds.

Furthermore, while Toowoomba is known for its mountaintop status, it’s also much more than just a city that lives the high life. It’s also a sub-region of the Darling Downs region and serves as a gateway to much smaller towns and communities dotted to the south and the west of the Great Dividing Range.

Toowoomba Gallery.

Western Downs

Bunya Mountains National Park, Dalby & More

Sitting next to Toowoomba on the northern flanks of the Darling Downs region is the Western Downs. It’s here where you’ll notice the population thinning out a lot, with tiny one-road towns begin becoming increasingly present. Breaking up the monotony are the larger hubs of Dalby, Chinchilla, Miles and Moonie, where you can stock up on supplies before heading out into the vast plainlands again.

While the Western Downs is a little short on natural wonders that will enchant and delight you, there is the unmissable Bunya Mountains National Park. Home to the largest remaining pocket of distinct bunya pine tree and its folklorish edible nuts, Bunya is a beautiful place to lose oneself in nature.

In addition to picturesque lookouts overlooking the plainlands and the waterfalls (visit after heavy falls, otherwise they run dry), wildlife is abundant. Particularly wallabies. Lots of cute, fluffy wallabies bounce around the fabled mountaintop, making it the perfect place to drink in those nature vibes.

Western Downs Gallery.

Southern Downs

Warwick, Main Range National Park, Stanthorpe, Girraween National Park & More

Situated on the western side of the Great Dividing Range and stretching from the edge of the Toowoomba region down to the squiggly border with New South Wales lies the Southern Downs.

Between its three national parks: Main Range, Girraween and Sundown, the Southern Downs is a vast wilderness playground that lovers of the natural world will adore. Much of the beauty of this region is its place within the granite belt, where spectacular boulders lie scattered throughout the realm. Girraween and Sundown feature many. Combined with large sections of exposed granite, these national parks are highly unique and completely unforgettable.

Southern Downs Gallery.


Goondiwindi & More

Like ToowoombaGoondiwindi is not only the name of a place, it’s also the name of a sub-region. Lying south of the Western Downs and west of the Southern Downs along the rest of the squiggly QLD/NSW Border, regional Goondiwindi is also sparse in townships and population. 

Goondiwindi itself is the largest town in its namesake sub-region. It sits on the very border with Queensland and New South Wales, and with several major roads intersecting at the township, it’s a great gateway into the Sunshine State or out of it.

Goondiwindi Gallery.

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