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The Ultimate Road Trip

You can’t have a list to inspire wanderlust without having this show high on the rank and file of entertainment that will set your travel wheels alight with road trip envy. After all, Supernatural is, in all regards, the ultimate road trip.

The show follows two brothers who criss-cross the good ol’ United States searching out “things that want to kill us, huh, yeah, or EAT us. You know who does that? Crazy people. WE ARE INSANE.” They do all this while they “drive a classic car and fornicate with women.” 

Okay, they don’t play that fast and loose with the fornicating, (this isn’t Game Of Thrones and these boys do, for the most do respect the women they’re with) but they do spend a great deal of time riding around in a sweet classic car affectionately known as “Baby”, and ideally, doesn’t every incredible road trip start out with a beautiful ride. 

But that is only the start of the shows appeal as the road trip inspiration to conquer all road trip inspirations.

Like a lot of road trips, the boys frequent a lot of tiny towns, getting to know the ins and outs of local life and hitting up the local haunts. The latter is little too literal as the Brothers Winchester like their cross country adventures a bit more bloodier and gorier than the average blacktop traveller.

The guys are often drawn to locales where innocent folks seem to have disappeared down the rabbit hole and never to be seen again. They love to take the law into their own hands and LARP as Federal Agents to get the to bottom of their investigative pursuits before seeking out perps and dealing with them Winchester style: bullets and blades. 

Although Sam and Dean have their fair share of wins thanks to some extraordinary fighting skills handed down to them from their lineage of expert monster hunters, there are some caveats come with the territory.

It’s the ones that hail from Heaven above us and Hell below that really knock the boys down a few pegs. They discover their purpose for being is deeply intertwined in a pre-ordained war that goes against every fibre of their being. As they do everything in their power to fight fate, destiny and create their own story, it leads them down dark roads, questionable deeds and profound personal growth.

And that therein lies the heart and soul of Supernatural. It’s epic in every sense of the world but a lot of its appeal is how it grounds all those grand existential themes in a way that is authentically angsty, savagely thorough and disturbingly familiar.

It’s a grand and satisfying televisual experience that is not only wildly fun but immensely rewarding. Throughout its over 300 episodes, Supernatural takes you on an incredibly deep, rich and emotionally and spiritually meaningful journey as it thoroughly examines what it truly means to be human.

And while their definition of a “road trip” isn’t exactly popo compliant, (unless you enjoy delivering your own brand of justice while evading the law while being “knee-deep in God’s armpit” while discovering yourself… wait, that sounds like a dream… except the armpit… but you should probably avoid some of their “extra” extracurricular activities if you value your freedom and your life) it sure is a hell of a lot of fun to watch, and at the very least, you’ll know how to kill the things that go bump in the night should you ever come across them in your travels across the earth.

Super badass car: Check

Ultimate Wingman: Two in fact

Cheap Digs: Up The Wazzoo 

Shady Characters With Questionable Motivations: They’re inescapable 

Bitchin’ Tunes: Badass with a dose of nostalgia

Daddy Issues: Every which way

Emotional Baggage: In spades

Existential Angst: By the bucketload

Profound Personal Growth: In leaps and bounds

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