10 Awesome Free Things To Do On The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast region of South East Queensland is the idyllic destination for nature lovers. From the long, sandy beaches Australia is famous for, to the iconic Glass House Mountains, the Sunshine Coast has a lot to offer, but that’s not all it has.

Gushing waterfalls, glassy creeks and jagged cliffs are just a few of the incredible offerings that this spectacular region has to offer, and best of all, all of these options come without a price tag.

So put some gas in the tank and discover some of the Sunshine Coast’s best attractions without putting a hole in your budget.

Experience The Land Of Rushing Waters

Kondalilla National Park

If you have time to visit only one waterfall on the Sunshine Coast, make it Kondalilla Falls. This national park isn’t named Kondalilla for nothing. In Aboriginal, it means Land Of The Rushing Waters, and it lives up to that name in every way rather spectacularly

The 4.7km return walk takes you past two beautiful small waterfalls, one cascade and one single drop waterfall where you can swim, and a lookout with views into the Obi Obi Valley before a steep descent that takes you to the showstopper: Kondalilla Falls.

Ninety metres of glorious water cascading down pitch-black bedrock. It’s glorious after weeks of heavy rain, and with multiple places to view it, along with the aforementioned lookout and waterfalls as well as frogs galore, makes this one of the most beautifully scenic walks in South East Queensland.

Kondalilla Falls, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Kondalilla Falls, Kondalilla National Park

Swim At Gardners Falls


Hidden in the back streets of the quirky town of Maleny is a pretty little waterfall called Gardners Falls.

Being so close to town it’s a popular haunt for swimming in the summer months, so be prepared for an onslaught of for people in varying degrees of swimwear. It’s such a lovely spot to stop by even if you aren’t interested in dipping into its frigid waters.

Gardners Falls, Falls, Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Kayak The Noosa Everglades

Cooloola National Park

Hiding out in the Cooloola National Park north of Noosa is a pristine natural river wonderland. Best explored by kayak or canoe, these incredibly still and reflective waters make you feel as though you are moving through clouds rather than water.

As one of only two everglades in the world, the experience you get from wading these incredibly peaceful waters is unique, unmatched and unforgettable.

Noosa Everglades, Cooloola National Park
Noosa Everglades

Ascend Mt Coolum


In the stunning coastal paradise that is Coolum, you can’t help but notice the massive mountain that rises out from the landscape like a zit on a teenagers face.

This massive 206m laccolith that leaves the town in its shadow has a challenging but scenic short 800m walk that takes you up its cliff face to the top and proves stunning panoramic views of the vast ocean and surrounding plainlands.

The views extend past Peregian Beach to the north, Mooloolaba to the south and Mt Ninderry in the west and is an absolute must when visiting this incredible seaside town.

Even if you aren’t able to do this walk or don’t have the time, this stunning, paradisical town has got you covered. Point Arkwright and Point Perry are two phenomenal easy access lookouts that overlook beautiful sandy beaches, but one place that may not be on your radar is Lows Lookout.

It’s a couple of streets behind the main strip, but it provides fantastic views that look north towards Peregian Beach and Noosa. You’re incredibly spoilt for choice when it comes to lookouts here and seeing the lay of the land. It’s one of the most beautiful towns in South East Queensland.

Mt Coolum, Sunshine Coast

Climb Mt Ninderry


If you climbed Mt Coolum and looked west, you would have gazed upon Mt Ninderry, a single mountain rising from an otherwise flat landscape. Welp, you can also do it in reverse.

Mt Ninderry at Yandina is a slightly longer, slightly easier climb than Mt Coolum and provides spectacular views over the surrounding plains, Mt Coolum and the endless ocean beyond. It’s pretty amazing to come up here and watch the sunrise at any of its three viewpoints that face east.
You can even see up towards Noosa in the north and Mooloolaba in the south. It’s quite the panorama.

There’s a fourth viewpoint that faces south, and though it is less impressive, it’s still a pretty view over the landscape.

Mt Ninderry, Yandina, Sunshine Coast
Third lookout looking north
Mt Coolum From Mt Ninderry, Sunshine Coast
Mt Coolum From Mt Ninderry

Discover Pincushion Island


Mudjimba isn’t a suburb that is often on the radar when it comes to searching out places to see on the Sunshine Coast, but it does have a rather spectacular hidden gem.

Pincushion Island at the very southern tip of the beach peninsula is a surprising find on a beach that is all sand. Yup, it’s not actually an island, but I’m sure a big tide could separate this rock that rises out of the beachy landscape could easily become an island.

It’s a cool place to explore, but it’s even cooler that at this beach and peninsula, you can also bring your fluffy canine friend and experience the sand and ocean tides with them unleashed by your side.

Pincushion Island, Mudjimba, Sunshine Coast
Pincushion Island

Explore Noosa National Park


Noosa National Park in the heart of Noosa and is an absolute gem. Dramatic cliffs, a rocky coastline, lookouts and a secluded beach, this place has everything you could want in a coastal nature hike right next to each other right next to the town.

It’s a spectacular place to visit any time of the day, but the Devil’s Kitchen and Hell’s Gate are the highlights of this incredibly beautiful seaside national park and are even more breathtaking during golden hour.

You could easily spend a whole day in this magical place, yeah, you probably just should. It’s a day well spent.

Hell's Gates, Noosa, Sunshine Coast
Hell’s Gates

Explore The Glass House Mountains


The Glass House Mountains are a set of incredible, dominating shard-like mountains spread out across the landscape around Beerburrum. You can see them from as far away as Mt Coolum and Mt Ninderry in the north, Mt Mee in the west and Woodford in the south.

Numerous lookouts and drives will allow you to see these iconic mountains from every which way, and you can hike several mountains but for a short walk that gives your buns an epic workout, head over to Wild Horse Mountain.

It’s one of the lesser-known Glass House Mountains, but it’s one of the best places to see all the well known Glass House Mountains.

Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast
Glass House Mountains

Get To The Point (Cartwright)


Lighthouses usually have some of the best views in town, and Point Cartwright Light at Beacon Lighthouse Reserve is no exception.

The elevated lookout provides sweeping views to the north, and is an excellent place for the spot of whale watching, assuming you can stay still enough to get a close look at them through the binoculars because it gets windy up here!

There’s also access to the beach below for some isolation and a water tower that’s beautifully painted to enjoy here as well.

Point Cartwright Light

Drop In And Visit Ma & Pa (Lookout)


Hidden away at the top of a headland at Caloundra lies Ma and Pa Lookout. This small, barely noticeable lookout on the northern side of the hill provides spectacular views of Moffatt Beach and all that lies to the north of it.

You can see Mt Coolum way off in the distance, and if you pull your binoculars out, the lighthouse at Point Cartwright too. At Moffatt Beach, you can see not only the beach but the delightfully quaint township of Dicky Beach, and the small Swamp Creek that attempts to make its way out to the ocean but falls after not being able to make it over the sand.

It’s a great place to watch the sunset or do a bit of whale watching or shark spotting. You can be the one who screams “SHARK” to the surfers in the waters below and save them all from a limb spitting, body dismembering death. Hahaha, don’t do that. Unless there really is a shark…

Ma And Pa Lookout, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Ma & Pa Lookout

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