Gallery: Ipswich: More Country Than City

When you think of Ipswich, the city 40-odd kms south-west of Brisbane, what usually comes to mind is old heritage buildings and throwbacks to its mining era, but that only makes up a small part of what this city truly has to offer.

Once in the running to become the capital of Queensland, you might be surprised to learn that Ipswich is, in large part, a country affair.

While it’s not a destination for those inclined to wander the wilderness with its vast agricultural plains and gentle hills, a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of small city life into the country fields of Ipswich still offers beautiful rewards.

Classic countryside
The Brisbane River which serves at the regional boundary between Brisbane and Ipswich
Sunset over a road heading out of ipswich
A stunning sunset over the Ipswich countryside
The Brisbane River
Dilapidated old structure
A floodplain in country Ipswich
Sunset over country Ipswich
5 horses
Fog Around Mt Flinders
Teviot Range just outside the city of Ipswich
Looking across the Ipswich and Scenic Rim countryside
Rainbow Lorikeet
Silhouetted kangaroos

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Ipswich is part of the South East Queensland region. Click here to see what the South East Queensland has to offer.

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