Ipswich: Where The Wild Things Are

The country city of Ipswich which sits between the state capital, Brisbane to the north-west and the Scenic Rim in the south and Somerset region in the North is an ideally located hub for a spot of wildlife spotting. 

Of particular notoriety are Australia’s very famous and very cute kangaroos and wallabies. These beautiful marsupials are often seen by the side of roadways in small groups or further afield in sometimes quite impressively large groups.

3 kangaroos bathed in Orange sunset haze
The Parkland Gang

These guys are often very docile and quietly curious. They’ll watch you for a few moments before going back to snacking on whatever’s nearest tastiest or spelunking outta there with their signature bound that’s emblazoned on the QANTAS aircraft. 

4 silhouetted kangaroos at sunset
Quintessential Australian Sunset

Sometimes, though, if you’re really lucky, you’ll spot a little baby munchkin roo hanging its tiny little head out of its momma’s pouch or one that’s a little older bouncing clumsily as it’s finding its feet and each are a sight to behold.

Regardless, whether you’ve seen them a thousand times before or you’re looking to add them to the list of creatures you’ve spotted in the wild, here are some great places you’re likely to find Australia’s most iconic species in little old city of Ipswich:


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Ipswich is part of the South East Queensland region. Click here to see what the South East Queensland has to offer.

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