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Hello there and welcome to my gallery. Be it that you found yourself interested in the things I shoot, the way I shoot or you like to here a shoot, there a shoot, everywhere a photoshoot or you happened to chance upon my lair of developed photographs that I dared allow see the light of day, welcome.

As you can perhaps tell from perusing my website or be it that I’m telling you now, I love to take photographs… Maybe a little too much. I certainly spend a lot of time trying to perfect the art form. Many hours spent walking, compositing and waiting for lighting perfection. Sometimes I score, sometimes I bore.

And when you bore, there ain’t always a whole lot in photoshop that can make it shine, but when the light hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that’s where the magic happens!

And that is what I always seek to find. You can have everything else going for you, but unless you hit the lighting jackpot, it’s not going to shine.

It’s an art form that I love to play with. I can’t always deliver but I always strive to get the best photograph I can and capture that landscape the way that appeals to my eyes. I love that thrill, I love chasing that and I love exploring places that can allow me to do so.

So, the good, the average and the great come take a gander at my gallery.



Australia Gallery.

South Pacific Gallery.


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