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Taking up a large chunk of real estate on the underside of the Earth, Australia, whose shape has been humorously likened to being half dog and half a cat playing with a ball of Tasmania is many things.

While many consider it a big, hot, steaming pile of overbaked clay that’s roasted in the kiln too long, (and they’re not wrong), Australia is also a place that harbours a multitude of climates, landscapes, and flora and fauna that is often endemic to the country.

It might not be able to complete with some countries like Nepal, China, Canada, the United States, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand or Switzerland in terms of breathtaking, dramatic, fantasy landscapes, waterfalls and coastlines, Australia is not without its beauty. (I mean there’s got to be something in its 7.7million km2 size that’s somewhat decent. Amiright.)

So as to not undermind this big, beautiful country of mine as I just did and as a person who loves nature in all its infinite forms, it’s in my DNA to want to uncover as many of these national treasures as I can in my time on Earth, and I hope that in doing so and in photographing as much as I can, that even if you are unable to travel to this massive island nation, you’ll be able to enjoy its natural beauty in my Australia Gallery.


Queensland Gallery.

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

New South Wales Gallery.


Northern Territory Gallery.

Darwin, Litchfield & Kakadu National Park


Landscape Gallery.

Waterfalls & Waterways Gallery.

Coastal Gallery.

Wildlife & Animals Gallery.

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