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Welcome to my Coastal Gallery.

If Australia is known for one thing, it’s for having a multitude of incredible sandy beaches. So many places along its vast coastline are lined with pristine stretches of gorgeous gold or white sand. Combined that with mild winters and baking hot summers that make it perfect for swimming or surfing year-round, these coastal havens have become an iconic part of Australian culture.

But while the endless array of beaches take claim to the coastal lands as being the main drawcard, Australia also has spectacular coastal cliffs capping off the ends of these beaches and sometimes stretching for kilometres, none of which should be passed up.

From long stretches of golden sand to dramatic sea cliffs and more, come explore the breathtaking coastlines that circumnavigate the big, beautiful country that is Australia in my best of Australia‘s Coastal Gallery.

Pincushion Island, Mudjimba, Sunshine Coast
Cleveland Point
Views From Mick Schamburg
Beautiful orange and white coastal cliffs
A small island looms in the distance from a shady lookout
Coastal landscape bathhed in a hazy orange
B&W of coastal rocks with skyline
Boardwalk Between Bulcock Beach And Kings Beach
Hell's Gates, Noosa, Sunshine Coast
Elephant Rock
Silhouettes walking along a bitch at golden hour.
Currimundi Lake, Sunshine Coast
Gold Coast Skyline
Wellington Point/ King Island
The Glass House Mountains
Cleveland Point
Old Cleveland Lighthouse
Ma And Pa Lookout, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Stunning Coastal Outcrop
Ocean tides come up to the rocks as a dark storm broods in the background
Stunning orange rock formation
Small, Enclosed Rocky Beach
Views from Mick Schamburg Park
Kings Beach

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