Katherine Gallery

Welcome to the Katherine Gallery.

Sitting below Darwin, Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory lies the Katherine region, a spectacular and revered rugged wildness. Stretching from Western Australia to Queensland, Katherine takes up a considerable amount of real estate.

While it can fit several small European countries into its 336,674 km² expanse and still have space left over, Katherine is more iconic for its breathtaking natural wonders than its size.

Filled with spectacular gorges, snaking rivers and epic wild swimming holes, this enormous region that bridges the tropics of the Top End and the Outback in the south is not iconically Australian for nothing.

Victoria- Daly Gallery.

*I haven’t had the chance to visit much of Katherine. I only saw part of it as I made my way through Darwin, Litchfield and Kakadu National Park in my Northern Territory Top End (Wet Season) Road Trip. Even though I plan of visiting this spectacular renowned region much more thoroughly in the future, I haven’t yet, which is why my Katherine Gallery is so sparse.

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