Southern Downs Gallery

Sitting along the New South Wales border on the western side of the Great Dividing Range, the Southern Downs is a spectacular sub-region of the Darling Downs.

As part of the Granite Belt, the massive boulders and granite slabs that pepper the landscape make the Southern Downs an alluring destination.

While you can see them throughout this rugged region rich with natural beauty, Girraween National Park is where the granite landscape is at its most breathtaking.

Continuing with the exposed rock theme, Sundown National Park is also an incredible place to visit to see these natural wonders. Meanwhile, within Main Range National Park lie several gorgeous waterfalls.

Whether you visit the national parks or take a scenic drive throughout the region, there are so many places to visit that will make your trip a memorable one.

Come and explore some of what the Southern Downs has to offer in my Southern Downs Gallery.

The Head
Queen Mary Falls
Road leading to a cutting in the mountain, Southern Downs
Donnellys Castle
Road between a cut out section of mountain
Donnellys Castle
Main Range National Park, Southern Downs
Ballandean Pyramid, Southern Downs
Pyramid, Girraween National Park, Southern Downs
Browns Falls
Aracuracia Falls, Main Range National Park, Southern Downs

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