Ipswich Gallery

Ipswich is a heritage city known for being a former mining town and was once in the running to become the capital of Queensland. In the years since, though it still carries out mining operations, Ipswich is a sprawling mini-metropolis that sits between the bright lights of the city that did become capital, Brisbane and the quiet country landscapes that seem to go on forever.

Because of this, Ipswich as a region is perfectly positioned to have all the comforts and conveniences that the comes with being in a city with the calm, serene and relaxing air that nature provides. Come explore the half and half city that is Ipswich in my Ipswich Gallery.

Brisbane Street, Ipswich
Classic Country
Rainbow Lorikeet
Lions Lookout
Cunningham Highway/ Ipswich Motorway
Sunset By The Flooded Plains, Rosewood
Barnes Lookout, Ipswich
Wheel In The Sky
Pigeon Pilot
White Rock
Fog Around Mt Flinders
Stick Insect
Carrying A Corpse
View From Mt Blaine
House in a meandering mountain scene
Old Farmhouse
St. Mary's Church, Ipswich
Abandoned Shack
Bremer River, Ipswich
Camberra Bomber
Quintessential Australian Sunset
Views Over Rosewood
Looking Down Limestone Street
Final Colours Of The Day
Colleges Crossing, Ipswich
Backlit Kangaroos In Park At Sunset
View From Goolmans Lookout
View From Goolmans Lookout
Blue Tiger Butterfly
View From Mt Blaine
Australian Barn Owl
Tallegalla Valley
Brisbane River, Goodna
Horses At Sunset, Ipswich
Lions Lookout, Queens Park, Ipswich
Bearded Water Dragon
Fog Over Ipswich
Colleges Crossing, Ipswich
Nerima Gardens
Views From Lions Lookout, Queens Park, Ipswich
Lions Lookout, Queens Park, Ipswich
Colleges Crossing, Ipswich
Old Farmhouse
Blue Tiger Butterfly
Teviot Range, Ipswich

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