8 Picturesque Lookouts In Toowoomba (Region) To Seek Out

Perched just short of 700m above sea level atop the Great Dividing Range, the city of Toowoomba is prime real estate for lookouts where you can bask in the beauty of the landscape.

While most lie within the city limits, there’s also a handful of other lookouts scattered throughout the region of the same name. In some places, you can observe the beauty of the landscape from the car. Others are a short walk to the lookout. And a couple more require you to work for your reward before giving you the goods providing beautiful scenic views over geographical features such as lakes, plains and the revered Valley Of the Diamonds.

Without further ado, here are 8 Picturesque Lookouts in Toowoomba (Region)To Seek Out.

Picnic Point.

Picnic Point Parklands.

The first lookout you’re likely to come across and stop at is Picnic Point. This destination parkland is a must-visit in Toowoomba because of its stunning views across the Lockyer Valley plainlands. While it’s a lovely view, the landscape’s dominated by one particular mountain that looks like the top of it got sliced off in a chainsaw accident.

This pancake peak is known, fittingly, as Table Top Mountain, and it elevates the view from “alright, alright, alright” to “wowzer.” If you’re there before sunrise and are there to watch the night transcend into daytime, Tabletop Mountain coming into the light is quite the revelation.

Picnic Point Looking at Tabletop Mountain
Beautiful views from Pocnic Point

Bill Goulds Lookout.


If the views of Table Top Mountain from the Picnic Point Parklands entranced you and you want to gander at it closer, Bill Goulds Lookout & Tobruk Drive place the shaved off mountaintop front and centre.

It’s a particularly fantastic place to be if you’re into photography. If you come at the right time of year, you can capture the sun or the moon rising over the mountain in what would make an incredible shot.

Table Top Mountain.

Table Top Moutain Bushland Reserve.

Table Top Mountain isn’t just there to look good, it’s also there to conquer. It’s a challenging slog up the mountain with steep slopes, loose rocks and large boulders to rock-hop or scramble across, but the view at the end is well worth the effort.

An easy circuit with uninterrupted panoramic views every which way of the serene undulating countryside await you at the top, making Table Top Mountain a fun sweat-fest that’s both good for your body and your eyeballs.

The amazing scenic views from Table Top Mountain
The amazing scenic views from Table Top Mountain
Table Top Mountain
There’s nothing but sweeping views from the top.

Koonin Lookout.

Crows Nest National Park.

Another walk in the Toowoomba region that concludes in a breathtaking picturesque view is Koonin Lookout in Crows Nest National Park. The 4.5km moderate return walk includes several scenic spots, including The Cascades and Crows Nest Falls, but it’s the view at the end that’s the most special.

Koonin Lookout peers across the unspoilt wilderness and glittering, boulder-filled Crows Nest Creek below known as the Valley Of The Diamonds. With so few untouched places remaining, it’s a gorgeous look into what a pristine wilderness looks like without a speck of civilization changing the ancient landscape.

Valley Of The Diamonds
Koonin Lookout is a gorgeous lookout

Lake Perseverance

Lake Perseverance Eastern Spillway Reserve, Perseverance Dam Rest Are & Perseverance Dam Lookout

Not far from Crows Nest National lies another lovely lookout in Toowoomba, this time overlooking a lake. Although Lake Perseverance is inaccessible for water-based activities, there are three picturesque lookouts right next to each other by the side of the dam wall where you can gaze upon the impounded waterway.

They’re nice places to pull over and chow down on some food before heading off for more adventures.

Lake Perserverance
Pretty views over Lake Perserverance

Lions Scenic View Rest Area & Blue Mountain Hotel Carpark.

Mount Kynoch & Harlaxton.

Back in the city, two roadside lookouts on the northside provide lovely sweeping views of the eastern slopes of the Great Dividing Range.

Lions Scenic View Rest Area is a more formal lookout with picnic tables and bins so you can relax and absorb the scenery a little longer, while the other is in the car park of the Blue Mountain Hotel, so it’s not the best place to linger. But they’re both goods spots to check out the scenery on a road that doesn’t have many places to stop.

Note: Lions Scenic View Rest Area is only accessible from the north, but it’s best to head up a bit further and u-turn to see both of them as they’re not too far away from each other.

Blue Mountain Hotel Car Park
The Blue Mountain Carpark has a nice view over the eastern slopes of Toowoomba

Mount Kynoch.

Mount Kynoch.

Also in the vicinity of Lions Scenic View Rest Area is yet another neighbourly lookout. Mount Kynoch lies on the western side of the road, on the Water Treatment Plant exit and is accessible from both sides of the bitumen.

Unlike the last two, which are stops on the side of the road, Mount Kynoch is a parkland where you can unwind and get a good stretch in. There’s a playground for the kiddos, picnic tables for unpacking a snack and toilets for when nature calls.

But it’s the scenery you came to see. Mount Kynoch provides lovely views eastward, and there are wide-open spaces where you can unfurl a blanket and re-enact a romantic date scene with a blanket and a basket.

It’s also away from the main road, so this lesser-known lookout is perfect for a mini snog-fest where you’re less likely to get people hollering at you.

Mount Kynoch
Bring a picnic basket and enjoy some lovely views from Mount Kynoch

Prince Henry Drive.

Prince Henry Heights.

Last on the list of lookouts in Toowoomba is a 4-for-1 drive. Prince Henry Drive in the northeast of the city is a small looped road that has some lovely scenic views looking eastward.

Most of the road is one-way, and the parking bays are a little hard to spot at a couple of the lookouts, but it’s a nice quiet drive away from the traffic to see the scenery for the less able-bodied.


Sitting on the top of a mountain range means that Toowoomba has many lookouts for travellers to enjoy. Most of them are close by within the city limits, while a few more are further afield. Some entail a hike and working up a sweat, while others involve driving. Whatever you feel like and whatever you’re ability level, the lookouts in Toowoomba cater towards every type of landscape lover.

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