Sunshine Coast: Climbing Mt Coolum

Arriving into the gorgeous seaside township of Coolum on the mid-northern parts of the Sunshine Coast, you can’t miss the friendly neighbourhood mountain, Mt Coolum. The 208m dome-shaped laccolith rises from the plainland like a lone zit on teenagers faces and sits right on the outskirts of town as a friendly reminder to the locals of its hot-headed past. It’s also a great place for a spot of bushwalking.


The route up the mountain is a meagre 800m, but the track is a class 4 and feels like a son-of-a-gun.

What starts as a moderate upward incline amongst the trees quickly turns into a much steeper climb with steps constantly beckoning you to hurry up, you slow ass walker.

Soon enough, you’ve risen above the trees and reached the bare-faced rock. You’re rewarded with stunning views of the southern part of the township you ascended from all the way down to the beating hub that is Maroochydore.

Elevated view of residential street from Mt Coolum
Looking down at the residents in the almost shadow of Mt Coolum

It’s along this stretch that it feels like life is really trying to hammer home that you need to do more exercise. As if step-upon-step of walking up a cobbled-together staircase and natural hexagonal magma columns wasn’t tiring enough, having a good bunch of people pass you as you grandma it up really help to hammer it home! EEK!

Open, expansive views from Mt Coolum of the town, coast and ocean
The bare faced steps on the side of Mt Coolum provide spectacular views.
Open, expansive views from Mt Coolum of the town, coast and ocean

Top Of The Rock

Steep ascension finally concluded, the next section was a gradual rise over sand and uneven rocks with beautiful across to the aforementioned Maroochydore with sectional views over Peregian Beach.

Elevated views of Peregian from Mt Coolum
North to Noosa

Shortly after, the END! HOORAH! Definitely felt like way more than 800m for these rattling bones. My snail-paced effort was rewarded with sweeping views of Maroochydore, the Sunshine Coast Airport in the south and a stunning view of Mt Ninderry as the sun descended right on its peak.

River meandering through a country landscape with mountains in the distance from Mt Coolum
The mountains and waterways in the south
Sunset over Mt Ninderry as seen from Mt Coolum
The sun setting over Mt Ninderry

All in all, this was a fantastic short but challenging climb for the less exercise inclined person but with spectacular sweeping views that encompasses mountains, rivers, the ocean and is a stones throw away from a beautiful coastal paradise, Mt Coolum is definitely worth the butt cramps.

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