Click, click, click. One of my favourite things to do when I’m out and about is pull out the DSLR and sound off the shutter button. I like to capture all things in my little memory box and give the Canon a good run for its money and generally shoot a little bit of everything that grabs my attention but my passion and where I spend the most time honing my skills is with outdoor and landscape photography. I love everything about mother nature and the stunningly beautiful and mesmerising shapes and forms she creates around every corner. Every degree of everything in nature is so uniquely different in so many different ways and trying to capture the essence of a place is such a fun and rewarding challenge.

Another genre of photography I enjoy is self-portraiture in combination with some compositing to really unleash my creativity and tap into my inner badass. Alter-egos unleashed. Who doesn’t like to pretend they are an awesome sword-wielding assassin or a gun-slinging contract killer. There’s just something so joyful about tapping into a character and playing someone who makes their own rules for a while, so there’ll be a little self-indulgence featured here too.

Most photos currently reside on my photography website,, but they will slowly be migrating across to this website, so stay tuned, or head over there, or stay tuned. 😛





Competition Results

Photographer Of The Year Award - Countryscapes
Photographer Of The Year Award - Can't Hold Back The River
Photographer Of The Year Award - Lovers Rock During Cyclone Oma
Photographer Of The Year Award - Scenic Landscapes
Photographer Of The Year Award - The Glass House Mountains
Photographer Of The Year Award - The Blue Mountains

The Gear – Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

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