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G’day, I’m Belinda Antonenko and I hail from the outer, outer suburbs of Brisbane, Australia and I never say G’day, but it’s the typical Aussie thing to do, so G’day, mate.

My idea of a life well-lived is one that involves a lot of travel to far off places. I would say that I’m much more of a tree hugger than a creature of culture. Mother Nature and her infinite works of art are a huge drawcard for me, and the more isolated and dramatic, the more the drawn to a place I become.

Although I’m not someone who explores the backcountries of wild untamed wilderness, as I’ve always felt that was out of reach for me, it is something that allures me immensely. I have so much respect for the people who can go long, long distances across vast plains with nothing but a self-supplied backpack sustaining them. For someone that considers themself a spiritual person so getting back to a place that is ultimately timeless in such a chaotic, fast-moving world is a very refreshing, reassuring and humbling experience and one that lures me in time and time again.

And what would life be like without being able to capture and preserve moments and memories? (Well, very much like the past before cameras were invented I would imagine. :P) When out exploring anywhere, I love to take photos. Not only does it ignite reminiscence when looking back at them but when applied with a bit of artistic intent, photographs can transform to not only being able to capture not only a place but a sense of mood, intrigue and wonder, which is what I aim to do when photographing Mother Natures landscapes.

Wait, was this an about me, or an about the page… I’ve totally deviated from any intentions that I had and forgot what they were to begin with. Geez, woman, focus! Anyway, I think there was a bit of both, which is definitely what I meant to say for starters. O.O

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For high end metallic prints, commercial use or licensing, please drop me a line for further info.

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