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Hi, I’m Belinda Antonenko. I somehow made it to 30 and I hail from the Land Down Under, specifically South East Queensland.

I love to travel, and journey through the incredibly complex and diverse ecosystems that make our planet so beautiful, intriguing and endlessly exciting. Writing about it is an effective way to get the powder key of joy, thrill and excitement that lingers in my noggin’ out into the world to say “Hey, I found this place to be quite the jaw-dropper, I think you may enjoy discovering it too.”

That’s why I started Journey. Discover. Life is too minusculely short to not explore the world every moment you can when it arises.

But enough about the site, you came here to get the dirt on me, didn’t you? Didn’t you! Don’t lie. I can see right through you.

Here’s the thing. I don’t clean my nails. Well, that’s not true, it’s mostly my toes. C’mon, are you going to tell me that you scrape underneath your filthy toenails all that often? Sure, if I’m barefooting it through some mud and my feet look like they’ve lived in the wilderness for two weeks straight, then yes, I do feel obliged to devoid them of their dirt, grit and scum. But any other time, not really.

Oh, wait, you mean how do I rank in the eyes of the long arm of the law? Well, I hate to break it to you, but I am a mightily boring, fine upstanding citizen. On those social media lists of how much of a badass am I, I barely rank. Broken a tooth? Nope. Tattoos? Nope. Received a fine? Yeah, how you doing? But no. Been on drugs? Does being addicted to Supernatural count? Not that either? Been arrested? Only by my emotions!

Honestly, if I tried, I can guarantee that no matter how meticulous I’d try to be, I’d end up being a dumb criminal who forgot the glass door closed automatically and face planted into it as I was trying to get away or something idiotic. Idiocy is an idiocracy of mine. I pretend it’s endearing.

Do you still want more dirt? Well, I love nature, and there’s a lot of dirt there. I love nothing more than being out in the natural environment. Any kind of activity is that involves wide open spaces is a huge drawcard for me. Mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, rivers, canyons, volcanos, I love them all.

Although I mostly do hiking because while it burns the buns, it doesn’t burn a hole in the wallet, I’m always ready and willing to do anything that involves thrills. From the more regular outdoor activities like skiing, snorkelling and kayaking, to more popular high octane activities like jetboating, hang gliding, skydiving and aeronautical acrobatics, to the dead set insane activities like base jumping and bridge swinging, I’m entranced by them all, so if you need chump to teach, have review or tandem with, keep me in mind.

Anyway, enough about me. Go on. Get out of here. There’s a world of incredible, beautiful, thrilling things waiting to delight, entrance and enthral you. Happy and safe journeying and discovering.

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